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The number of corona patients reaches 5 million with over 300,000 deaths.
The body of the Chinese ambassador to Israel was found in his house
The number of Corona cases in India is even higher than in China.
SBP cuts interest rates again, how much is left? Important news for Pakistanis
Hundreds of homeless boys and girls arrested in Saudi Arabia.
Victim of tick talk star Corona who started the challenge by licking the toilet seat
An American woman's postcard sent to her brother reached her destination 33 years later.
In the United States, women opened fire on restaurant staff for refusing to provide food due to a lockdown
Leading online taxi service uber also hit the corona,
More deaths than coronas in Australia are feared to be due to suicide.
The case of the women's national football team in the United States was rejected
The United States has not yet provided any evidence that the corona virus originated in a Chinese lab: the World Health Organization
Fed up with isolation in the United States, a few youths stole more than 40 vehicles, and the police could not arrest them because of their young age.