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The number of Corona cases in India is even higher than in China.

The number of Corona cases in India is even higher than in China

Indian state leaders, businessmen and job seekers have called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reopen the devastated economy.
Contrary to the demands of the citizens, the Indian government is likely to extend the lockdown, which expires on May 17, while some easing has already taken place.

It may be recalled that on May 1, the nationwide lockdown was extended for another two weeks to prevent the spread of the corona virus in India. The Interior Ministry also announced a two-week extension of the nationwide lockdown and relaxation in some districts.

India's health ministry said the death toll from the corona virus in India was not as alarming as in China, with a total of 2,752 deaths, compared to 4,600 in China.                                               Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said the reduction in the number of victims was encouraging and said that the number of cases had doubled in the last 11 days as compared to doubling in 3.5 days before the lockdown."The situation has clearly improved as a result of the lockdown. We have used this period of lockdown to improve the health system," he said."We took steps during the lockdown, such as assessing, locating, isolating and managing cases," he said.

Indian officials believe the drop in deaths was due to mild symptoms or no symptoms at all in the affected people, as well as the fact that the blockades across the country could have avoided a major crisis from the outset.

One in three cases in India is from the state of Maharashtra, where Mumbai is the worst-affected city, followed by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and New Delhi.

According to the report, the country's major economic centers are also posing a threat to the government, which is trying to revive economic activities.

"India is still on the rise as the total number of cases is increasing," said Shamika Ravi, a former member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council and a Brookings expert.

"The number of active cases is increasing by 3.8 per cent per day while it needs to fall to zero and a reduction will only improve the country as a whole," he said.

Despite the dense population in India, the number of people taking the test is low which is a matter of concern which has increased to one lakh since the beginning of April to this week but the test rate of 1.3 billion people lags far behind the US, UK and Italy. ۔

It should be noted that so far 46,45,386 cases have been confirmed worldwide and the number of deaths has also increased to 38,980.

The number of people recovering from the corona virus in the world is in the millions, which has reached 1,769,947 so far.

The United States has the highest number of 1,484,287 cases and 88,507 deaths, followed by Spain with 274,367 cases and 27,459 deaths.

Russia ranks third on the list, with a steady rise in the number of cases per day, reaching 272,043 and 2,537 deaths.

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  2. Whole world is puzzled about actual numbers of affected people in China. Compare actual numbers not the fudged ones.

    Give one country who tested whole population or atleast 10% population?? how much high is high how much low is low.

    While Indian economy for sure devasted a bit, do you know any country except China who got benefited from this?

  3. Nice article but blog needs a good Tamplate